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The Human Utopian Society, currently drafting, incomplete

Draft 1 Status, unfinished. Critique and Criticisms, accepted..

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, these three things, spoken of in the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, can not be any more clear as to what a Utopian Society must embrace for it to actually become a Utopian Society. Let us quickly illuminate the inherent dynamics of these three states of beingness. You can have Life, but no Liberty, (no freedom), and you can have freedom but no life, this is the condition of not being. You can have happiness, in freedom and in slavery, up to a point, but you can not pursue a fulfilling condition of happiness if you do not have the freedom to do so. Freedom is the ability to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be. Freedom is often seen as dangerous to those in power, thus the government must itself advocate a maximum level of freedom balanced with a minimum level of controls in the form of laws to check and balance the excesses of freedom that begin to violate the freedoms and reasonable well-being of others. It is Freedom that brings variety and danger to a society, but freedom is the only true path to happiness. All laws that deal with Human behavior have at their root this fundamental dynamic, the need to control the environment and the desire to be free and happy within the environment.
Happiness can vary from one person to the next, the belief of what is too much control and of what is too much freedom will vary from one person to the next, and from one culture to the next. Thus, when we set out to design a society based on the need for freedom and the restriction against personal violations we come up against a wall of human beliefs that hinder the formation of a perfect society. It is with wisdom gained from the shed blood in history, that we begin to understand that there never will be a perfect society. And it is with great wisdom, gained from the wisdom of the philosophers, poets, and song writers, that we understand that we must embrace freedom along with its inherent dangers even at the cost of losing absolute control over the environment we live in.  A Utopian Society must embrace the variety that only freedom allows and that life demands, not only in nature, for the survival of the most adaptive creature to the changing weather of life on Earth, but for the necessary stimulus of the Sentient Mind that craves novelty and challenge. It must have, within its environment, the freedom to seek what is new, and a place to call home when the day’s adventure is through. This home for a people is called a society, and we must plan it, build it, maintain it, and remake it or add to it, just like a house, when time changes the environments outside or within the society. Thus anyone planning a government that desires to function as an organic and progressive place in which to thrive, must have within its system of laws the allowance of variety that only a maximum level of freedom can bring. But to maintain a structure, or home, in which the society can flourish, there must be a minimal level of morality endorsed by the society or government. This minimal morality is established by a set of laws that focus on making it illegal to violate others purposefully in a manner that endanger their lives. Adding more to this, or going to extremes to not violate a person, takes away from free speech, public criticism, art, and physical expression, which are necessary in a society that embraces freedom and variety.
This tendency to over-regulate free speech, and expression, to avoid minor mental discomforts can be lethal to a society’s ability to criticize and make changes in the government when it becomes necessary. Thus, a Utopian Society must vehemently protect its freedoms of speech and expression. But without a minimal idea of morality, and without its proper endorsement, freedom of speech and freedom of expression can become a license to slander, rape, and murder. Currently, most of us do not question the horror and wrongness of raping and murdering. But we have religious institutes, and philosophers who have built up a backbone of the ideas we hold to be right and wrong. There are always factions in every society that reasonably question what is right or wrong, but there are also always going to be factions that desire to advocate rape and murder, and without endorsing a minimal idea of right from wrong, the degrees between what is a reasonable discomfort, or violation, and what is an outright rape or murder begins to disappear until there is no difference in the minds of the people as to what is right or wrong, and every violation that can occur to a person will occur, and will become accepted by that society as being part of their necessary freedom. Strong examples of this are the gladiator games in ancient Rome, where soldiers were paid to kill each other for sport, and in Europe and America, in the 1600’s and 1700’s where slavery was considered morally righteous by the societies in which it was practiced. To avoid those situations from occurring again, it is necessary to maintain a minimal level or morality. It is a truth that is true whether you or I like it or not. No society can maintain a high and enjoyable level of well-being for its citizens if major, personal violations, including actual slavery, rape, and murder become allowed or sanctioned by the government or culture.
We have, then, the beginnings of the understanding of what a true Utopian Society must contain to be Utopian in nature, which are great freedoms, allowance of variety, checks on extremism, and endorsement of minimal morality. What comes next, in forming our Utopian Society, is to determine its goals, and then, how it needs to be structured.
The goals of a Utopian Society will depend largely upon the sentient beings that inhabit it. Different worlds may indeed, and probably do, have different ideas of what constitutes a valuable goal for their society. We, being human, will focus on the goals that human beings wish to accomplish. The first goal of a Human Utopian Society should be to make an ascertainment of what it means to be a happy human, and to protect humanity’s general identity . Without actively protecting what it means to be human, we endanger our uniqueness in the large array of worlds far from our own, who one day will be very near to us economically and culturally. We can not advocate isolationism, nor bigotry or xenophobia. To do so would undermine our inclusion in a larger environment that may bring us the necessary room to spread out and create colonies that will protect our species from extinction should our sun or planet be overly changed or destroyed in the far future. This very natural and very evolutionary step in sentient species is most likely being followed by many worlds in many places in the universe. We would be very foolish to ignore that drive to seek new worlds and explore new civilizations, which is by no means a cliche, but instead is a dream and hope that lives in the hearts of beings who desire to be very alive and to stay that way.

A general mission statement for a Human Utopian Society could read as:

To endeavor to remain uniquely human, to preserve our varied cultures, and the freedoms our ancestors sacrificed to maintain. To seek out new worlds as we explore the universe, yet not enforce our identity or beliefs upon other sentient beings that we may find there. Nor to interfere in cultures that have a lower technological environment than our own, unless we can save that world with minimal contact and without damaging its inherent identity. To be a good neighbor in our universal community but not an overbearing neighbor. To seek peaceful relations with those of like technological environments or above, but not at the cost of losing our freedoms and societal goals…

As a Human Society, our goal is to set up and maintain maximum freedom and minimal morality; to offer and endorse free education and free healthcare to all the public to be paid for by the people as a whole through minimal taxation; to teach an accurate and unbiased version of history so that our future generations can have a more clear understanding as to where they came from and how to avoid returning to a more primitive type of society.

To enable a capitalist market with minimal restrictions, the restrictions being a stifling of monopolies and a campaign against false advertisement and fraud in products and finances; to endorse ownership and stewardship of land and its resources, which are not to be taxed or taken from those citizens that rightfully own them; to bring about fair and balanced budgets for all precincts in the government’s domain, and for a one time, annual, taxation of only ten percent of that year’s income which shall go to the maintaining of the goals of the society and its necessary offices of governmental structure; to maintain a lean and healthy governmental structure that is open and honest to scrutiny from the public, except in the area of defense to where openness may cause a national or world-wide danger to the public; to create a large and benevolent, yet well armed, exploration and defensive force that shall not be used fraudulently or to conquer or to intimidate other nations or worlds, to maintain the exploration and defensive force with taxes not to exceed a fifth of the total of income of the government through taxation.

To allow variety that enriches the environment; to promote art, music, writing and crafts as well as industry; to promote individual achievement and survival skills; to promote and maintain our planet’s ecosystem without demeaning or taking away from the freedoms of human beings within that ecosystem; to protect animals and plants, in a reasonable manner, from extinction and extortion that causes harm to the environment or depletes the population of that species to dangerously low levels; to work on reasonably lowering noise, light, water, and air pollution; to advocate, and enforce, a non-artificially-genetically enhanced human being, animals, and plant life, except in the cure of genetic ailments; and finally, to teach all citizens the values of our society and the freedoms and minimal morals that are necessary and important to making our society stable as well as one that flourishes.

The Governmental Structure of a Human Utopian Society:

to be continued….


The Winter Storm


Before the storm, the streets become dark stream beds. Each little stone in the concrete becomes individualized, making the road what it really is, a cobble stone relic of a billion, billion rocks, held together by thin threads of black asphalt. And it shushes and slushes, and swishes when car tires speed across it. The children in the foggy windows are faces filled with smiles. School is closed tomorrow.

Christmas trees with their rainbow colored lights reflect off the street in streaks. It is art, stretched and melting into the gutters with the cold rain. The water looks slicker, everything does: car hoods, mail boxes, roof tops, all looking freshly born, ready to be used by a happier human race.

Thunder signals the heavier rains to fall. Soon it will become cold slush, then sleet. You can smell ice in the air, though people will say it is impossible. We know it’s not. Just smile quietly at the nay sayers. Some people are only comfortable if they are saying nay. Not a pleasant fact, but a fact all the same.

Christmas is in the air. It comes like a static charge, in the sounds of bells above doors, in the excited raised voices of children in stores, and the knowing smiles of parents, laughing at the memory of their former childhood glee. It tinks in the salvation army bells, jingles in the ringtones on busy, busy phones held by bustling shoppers. Shopping as a chore is now shopping for presents and surprises. Giving and getting all wrapped up in tinsel and bows.

Then it comes, the darkness, the storm, the rain, the ice, the slippery roads, the worries, the driving slow, the yellow flashing lights, the sirens, then the… accidents.

And in this cold darkness you would be forgiven if all you could see was gladness turned to misery. For I will show you what you do not see.

The paramedics, the police, the rescue crews, the wrecker services, the thousands and thousands of doctors and nurses, the millions of designers, architects and inventors that created the tools of salvation and rescue. Then the safety conscious, who created safer homes that stand strong against the snows and ice and power outages. The ones who created shut-off switches for power over-loads, and broken gas lines, and alarms for deadly carbon monoxide and indoor fires. These millions and millions of workers, their army of tools  and the saviors, rescuers, all coming out to pull us from the wreckage of our darkest moments, these are an army of light and brotherhood. One for all, and all for one. That is who we are, at our best and worst, the human race, the darkness and the beauty of the planet Earth, a jewel in the night, one of many many yet to be found.

If love was a light you could see, and good deeds and kindness a spark, the world that seems so darkly spinning in the void of space, would instead, shine as brightly as a sun. For every dark act of soul or chance, there are a million million acts of kindness and love, so many, it would fill a library the size of our planet.

Outside, the wind is howling, and frozen droplets are crumbling from the dark brown oak stems. It sounds like hail hitting the roof and window panes. It is starless, and streetlamps are mere golden balls of glowingness.  Golden orbs in the mist, the magic of christmas alive again.

My fellow humans will separate us from nature, as if that was natural, but all around me, I see us just where we should be, like the other creatures here, carving out a home, and shaping it to our will. The garden of eden was never taken from the Earth, it was just guarded against intrusions. Slowly, over thousands of years, we have turned our battlefields into gardens.

There is no peace, nor will there ever be, but if there was, how boring that would be. But, we can try, and continue to grow, and watch in wonder as our world shifts from extreme to extreme until we find that blessed middle way between anarchy and puritanism, where life flourishes for the just and the unjust because only there, is the chance for heroes to be born, and of all the creations of man and God, the most numerous have been the heroes, born here by the billions.

The ice storm will go away with a little sunshine and some warmth, but the deeds of heroism and love, and all that went into them, will have remained, and will continue to build onto something wonderful and beautiful unto the ages. But let us come down from the higher thoughts and simply curl up around a warm mug of cocoa, and listen with animal intensity to the strange and dangerous sounds of the winter storm.

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