A little thing

Under a smooth, vivid, Persian blue sky, with trees standing tall, black and naked against that fading, dark blue dusk, there, on a lawn, cold, windblown, a curled, antique-paper colored maple leaf flipped and twirled like a tumbleweed, and in that single moment, in that simple, tiny act of nature, I had all the riches in the world, and no king, no prince, or princess, or empress, nor banker, nor war-monger, not even Solomon and all he ever had, was as rich as I.

Imagine, if you can, how much richer I feel, when I have you to hold.

A dusky barn swallow, almost the color of its shadow, touches the water of the dark pond, and its tweets of exhilaration soar like a symphony in my heart.

Imagine, if you can, how my heart feels when you say my name, and it is filled with love.

Little things mean so much and they build and help support the larger things that make life vivid and joyful.  Ah, but the kids, you know, the kids….  they want those big things, and when they arrive there, stand on those victories, how surprised they are when the glory fades so quickly away.  But we, we go to sleep at night, wrapped in glory, dripping with jewels, vivid and joyful, and so wealthy that all the banks in all the world could not hold our treasures.


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