Looking for treasure…

Over the threshold, into the thick turf, a lush green mat vibrating with cricket song in the evening dew.  To the creeping vines covered in big purple flowers as they spill out of the woods behind them.  To the path, red earth, once volcanic ash, now trodden down by sneakers and flip flops.  Past the tall oak trees, pin oak, black jack, and white, covered now in green acorns turning brown…

Under the little log, slathered in gooey mushrooms and tufts of moss, looking every bit like a subway sandwich minus the ham, I peek…  Hey, armies of ants, and little white larvae, but no treasure… not yet.

Under the stone? Grey volkswagens, scurring about, already armored yet looking for even more protection.  No treasure here…

In the pile of leaves, a walking stick, animated tree twig, a joke of nature or of God?  It tilts its head at me with unworried bemusement.  I trod onwards, looking….


Ah!  On the path, up the hill,  to the tree at the top in the clearing, I see it!  Right under the moon-made shade, and dark canopy, right where I had lain two hours before, kissing you, holding you, while you kissed me and held me and made me feel so un-alone.  Sparkling in the dewy grass,  my coke bottle opener!


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